Hone Your Message

Immediately my attention was heightened by the speaker’s dynamic, expressive energy. The more she talked, the greater her gestures and movement grew. Within 3 minutes, however, my impression of her speaking ability shifted. (Writer’s note, the above picture of Eunice is simply to illustrate great use of gestures – she is not the speaker I am referencing with my judgement of her speaking ability.)

I began to wonder what she was talking about.

Ever feel this way? At first you’re pulled into the story of a speaker, but then you’re wondering just where it’s going?

Extroverts are fabulous at pulling us into their story. Their exuberance, commitment to their emotions and willingness to transparently share all attract our attention.

This leads us to have great expectations about what they say and where they are going, yet sometimes we are greatly disappointed. Where are they going?

This is what happened in the case for me while listening to the above presenter. Before she ended her story she started a second one, and then before that one completed she started a third.

Determined to keep up with her yet frustrated that I needed to, I finally saw the point she was making. But gosh, that took too long.

We needn’t be extroverts to get caught behind the barrier presented above – straying from our topic. This happens to many of us when the thoughts in our head are jumbled. True, extroverts are defined as people who talk to think. Yet many of us, on the spot, operate the same way.

However, when we are in a meeting or giving a presentation, it is important to hone our message before we begin. When an event or circumstance comes to mind that leads us to a point, we need to take the time to see the transition, otherwise we will not be able to clarify it for others.

Although written communication allows us the structure to highlight, title and subtitle for clarity, spoken communication relies on thoughtful sharing for the same end.

To hone our message we must slow down, express on paper our points and how they are related – so we may not only see them but see how to express them, and then share aloud.

I like extrovert energy. I want these personalities to continue to engage me. If you are one of these types – and sometimes I am as well – capture and keep my interest. Hone your message.

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