How much is Good Enough?

Not long ago I sat across from a client who asked me, “Who gets to say whether I’m good enough?”

The context of our conversation focused on a recurring theme today: job seeking. Whether those prepping to land their next position are asking guidance from experts on resume building, interviewing effectively, networking or image, the bottom line is a rather pitty experience of whether they measure up.

Contrast this with watching TLC’s What Not to Wear(one of my favorite shows, by the way!), attending an audition, prepping for a big presentation or tournament competition. Being Good Enough is such an opinion-driven, in-the-moment experience. And who gets to be the judge?

As a confidence-building speaking coach, I lead clients to look to themselves for being able to pass scrutiny. Consider first what IS good enough in your own eyes. Then dismiss all the fluff as extra. Perhaps we are considering appearance, actions, results, how to spend money, how to use our time. When we know what is most important to us, we will measure our actions, our behaviors and our words to those values. Anything beyond that is TOO MUCH.

As adults, we are in the position to make choices. This, consequently, becomes a model for youth and young adults. Those who are driven by their parents, or peers or celebraties to push themselves beyond thier limits, especially regarding things that make little difference, will soon become victim of the Not Being Good Enough syndrome.

Decide. How much is good enough – and then be good with it!
Please share, what is your measuring stick?

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