How to Speak Like You Were Born To

“Make sure you have finished speaking BEFORE your audience has finished listening.”
Dorothy Sarnoff

Just like you, I really appreciate when speakers keep it simple. By this I mean, when they have few points to make, make them clearly and keep us curious about more. They don’t try to be who they aren’t and say more than they know. They are purposeful.

Specifically, each of us is naturally inclined to speak a particular way, based on what we value. When we steer from this, we lose our flow, our confidence and our listeners. When we keep our remarks to what we value, we begin speaking like we were born to.

How do you know if you’re speaking like you were born to?

First, consider your natural communication style. Each of us is most natural in one of 4 communication styles, based on the DISC profile. (DISC specifically addresses communication style.) We are either Doers, Influencers, Steady or Conscientious. These make up the 4 quadrants of the D.I.S.C. chart. Second, focus on what is most important to your communication style. Doers are driven by action, so having control and being decisive gives the doer power. Influencers are driven by people. To them, reputation and recognition are valuable. Speaking about things that lead to strong relationship gives them pleasure. The Steady folks value peace of mind and calm and like speaking on topics that appeal to those values. Finally, the Conscientious are proud to tap subjects that address integrity.

Of course, public speaking is only partly about the speaker. It’s also about whether the message is relevant and meaningful to listeners. You know you are speaking like you were born to if your audience also values your message, thinks you are being relevant to them and you still address only those things that are important to your communication style.

To bring this full circle – accomplishing value for both your listeners and for your skill set –  look for audiences that value what you have to offer. Market your messages to them and they will think you care about them, personally.

How this will work:

D’s who market to other D’s will inspire action and motivate the power of their listeners. (maybe the target is sales folk, leaders, project coordinators, etc.)

I’s who market to other I’s will inspire relationship and motivate their listeners to experience more pleasure. (maybe the target is leaders, communication professionals, HR professionals, healthcare professionals, etc.)

S’s who market to others S’s will inspire peace and calm (maybe the target is financial professionals, self-care professionals, nature professionals, etc.)

C’s who market to other C’s will inspire integrity and build pride (maybe the target is analysts, professional services, etc.)

When you speak the language of your listeners, you always stop talking too soon. Your listeners want more. This is when you can tell you are speaking like you were born to.

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