I admire you

Sometimes I am so often inclined to prove my value that I hesitate to share my weaknesses. Yet when I get real, when I speak to the sides of my experiences that teach me lessons, I am able to connect with most folks, in a disarming way.

So give me a few moments, if you will, to get real.

you are confident

I admire people with confidence. They appear grounded, firm, motivated by their beliefs and yet can be good listeners, quick to give my perspective credit and ready to consider something outside their own perspective.

I like that confident folks are so grounded in who they are that they can accept me for who I am.

For years I couldn’t put both sides of that description together, simply because I hadn’t personally experienced confidence while also being vulnerable. But today I know that’s a truer definition of confidence – someone willing to show humility and respect of others while valuing themselves.

There aren’t many folks like this, but they are around us. They relax into their conversations. They take interest in what is going on around them. Their smile muscles are well-exercised. They say Please and Thank You. And with all this they know how to be firm.

They like people and because of this will also intervene when needed. They know how much is too much of putting up with rudeness, orneriness and disrespect. They surround themselves with good folk, willing to give them power and not micromanage them.

Maybe I’m talking about you. If so, you value getting real, connecting and making a difference – not just with your tasks but also in relationship. You are one of few folks that stand out this way.  Certainly, you have at times been taken advantage of, been undervalued  and even have questioned your own abilities. Yet you have since come full circle, not because you no longer question yourself, but because you now do it to take stock of your purpose, divine energies around you and what you value instead of doubting your potential.

I admire you.

I also know you deserve support. You have the most potential  of any of us in making a major impact on the lives of many. Because of you my writing and coaching is based on my personal experiences of what works for me and also of what doesn’t. I have learned confidence, something I hand’t planned on. Readers and clients, please accept that what you will get from me is a mixture of both the good and the bad, the challenges and the joys, the stuff that some are unwilling to identify but all of us can relate to.

I will support you by helping you understand that perfection is not attainable, that mistakes are useful, that anxiety, compassion, anger and fear all have their place, and as we address how to manage them, sometimes it works. It is up to each of us to determine our own measure of progress, and that’s what leads to confidence. Not perfection. Not absence of fear, and not authority.

Thank you for giving me a purpose.

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  1. Merri, I LOVE this post. Thank you for being you. For taking risks. For bringing your gifts to the world. So very proud of you friend.

  2. Melanie, thanks for your wholesomeness!

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