I Can’t Believe I Just…

  • embarrassed myself
  • said what I did
  • stood there and let someone walk all over me
  • choked in front of my audience
  • rambled on

Been there before? Of course you have. Why do I say “of course”? Because we have all experienced the “I Can’t Believe I Just” moments. Just when we wanted to be relaxed, confident and influential, we stumbled. It’s part of life, a part that spurns us on to “Never again” do that either because we will never put ourselves in positions of risk (never step out of our comfort zones) or we will better prepare ourselves to handle what comes our way. We learn our lesson.

Maybe we are facing leadership issues, business development, client complaints or public speaking. We didn’t perform as we expected and are not willing to let ourselves have this on our record. So now we try to ensure it never happens again. What does this prove?

The only thing it proves is we think we are better than that. How can it be? Are we not really human?

The truth, as you know, is we are human. And for some reason we have up until now believed we can rise above being human and be someone who never makes mistakes. Good luck with that. I say this “tongue in cheek” because I know where you’re coming from. I don’t like making mistakes, especially in front of others simply because it is embarrassing. Yet the fact remains, all of us will make mistakes. (Day 8, Confidence in 30 Days)

Can we be okay with this? Yes.

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe in self-betterment as much as any coach or trainer does. Yet if we take ourselves too seriously, if we think we cannot make a mistake, we overlook the bigger picture. Just as there is always someone worse off than we are, there is always someone (now or later) that will be stronger, bigger, more intelligent, more powerful, more funny, more successful and more-anything else that is important to us.

If we can be okay with this, we can enjoy life while we still have time to. We get beyond ourselves to see priorities, including the good of others. We develop a sense of humor. We listen. We learn. And we see that life is about so many things beyond us.

And what do we do about our dilemma? We persevere. As we need to improve, we do so. As we need to be humbled, we listen and we learn. We accept our fate, we push on and we don’t give up. We let our “I Can’t Believe I Just”… become “okay Lord, what do you have for me?”





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