If I Could Talk to the Animals

Another morning I’m up before 4am, not by design, but because instead of running conversations through my head as I lie awake, I chose to go downstairs to “play on my laptop”. In so doing, two feline friends, Amber and Frisbee, shifted from sleeping contentedly at head and feet to flying downstairs with me.

After I collected my laptop and headed for the daybed, Carmel, another cat who endured me just long enough while I petted her, pounced away from her cozy perch onto the floor and out the door.

I don’t like being up so early on another workday, fully expecting to hit the snooze at least once before I get to the gym at 5:30, yet now I’m up at least an hour ahead of time, not appreciative but preferring to make good use of the time. After reading a few emails, I notice activity around me from 4 fully awakened cats as they jockey for position, posturing and pouncing. Buddy sauntered in to check out the food dish that Frisbee finally left while Amber and Caramel took turns catching my eye in front of the other.

Only Caramel was ticked off from being awakened. Yet that was even short-lived, evidenced from her drool while I petted the top of her head. The others demonstrated their appreciation of being awake and functioning, of having my attention.

“Thanks for realizing we are here,” they seemed to say. “And while you’re at it, refill our food. Come pet me again. Watch me run and knock over the vase of flowers. I bet you never saw another cat jump down so quickly while keeping its fur in place.”

My attitude is now much different than when I first awoke. Thanks to the energy in this room. As the clock ticks on, and I’ve fully awakened, I can actually smile -which attracts notice from Amber sitting in my lap. Good thing I can’t read their minds. If I could, I may actually be upset right now.

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