If you like the 70’s

This morning the Toledo Eleven news tweeted, “If you liked the 70’s, they are back. Not bell bottoms and disco, but milder temps.”

What a welcome relief! Not because I dislike bell bottoms or disco (loved them back in the day!) but because I so enjoy the cooler, milder temperatures.

In milder temperatures I am less distracted, more focused, and of a calmer temperament. Creativity is more fluid in mild temperatures. Or at least it seems that way to me. On the DISC profile, I am an S. Of all the 4 communication styles an S represents the steady, peaceful temperament.
Knowing what works for us is important. Knowing how to respond when things don’t work for us is just as important.
These past few weeks the needle has hovered in the 90’s. That doesn’t work for me. Yet because my partner and I live beside a quarry, we take regular swims at night. We stay in the water just long enough to drop our body temperature so at night we can sleep better. Of course, the added benefits of relief from the high temperatures, fun in the water and calm through the lake aren’t bad either.

Fortunately we have learned how to respond when the temperature is excessive.

Today I am in my zone with what I like. I have a cat back on my lap as I write, I will be enjoying milder temperatures, I get to meet with a master mind group and also one of my long-standing and fun clients. And we’re back in the 70’s. These things work for me.
What works for you?

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