Intention tip for speaking to groups

Yes, you are the expert. As such, you get called on to address topics in meetings, to stand in front of a group and deliver your credentials.

I have been in your shoes and understand why this can so quickly go wrong. When I focus on proving myself, I talk too much.

Maybe this isn’t what happens to you, but when I focus on myself while speaking with others, I talk until I believe in what I say. And I say it completely – leaving nothing out.

The number one speaking problem is, according to the average audience,  saying too much.

So when we think our time to say something is to prove we are the expert, we are using the wrong format. This intention creates distance between us and listeners. We want connection, don’t we?

A tip for avoiding the above problem: To avoid saying too much, our intention for speaking up is a different one. It is not about proving our expertise. Instead our intent is discovering what listeners want to know about our topic. This helps us limit our focus as well as our content.

Ask questions that relate topic to listeners and their needs, sticking to one or two points, total.

With this approach, we leave our listeners wanting more instead of less. We aren’t in food service. So our goal is not to fill people up. It is to interest them, engage them and have them coming back for more.

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