Introvert Barrier #1

It’s the biggest killer in today’s society: Stress.

Introverts feel so much better when we manage ourselves. Until then, we are our own biggest enemy. We tend to let stress do us in. The number one barrier to introverts’ self worth is stress. We need to break down this barrier.

As Jennifer B. Kahnweiler writes in The Introverted Leader, there are three common stress builders we habitually allow. They include work overload, focus on physical symptoms that create anxiety and people exhaustion.

We are out of practice with defining and communicating our limits, so we let the constant “yes” response back us into an overload corner. Managing ourselves means doing the opposite.  When our body responds in such a way to alert us to defining moments, we take them as signposts of problems and either flee or shut down. Seldom do we enter challenging moments feeling equipped to handle them. Instead we resort to feeling incapable. Finally, being around people who are more energy-emitting than we are has us feeling drained.

In summary, we introverts forget something very important. We are equipped to handle each of these circumstances. It’s our focus that is off. It is easier for us to see our errors and assumed deficiencies than to remember our strengths.

Here is the secret for getting past Introvert Barrier #1 – Create a system for focusing on our assets. It will lead us to create a structure for saying yes, and a support for saying no. This system will reduce our anxiety while building awareness of the same symptoms which are signposts for enthusiasm and opportunity. And this system of focusing on our assets helps us remember to maintain our energy by limiting our time with others and surrounding it with time for ourselves.

Feeling stressed? I can relate. Start breaking down this introvert barrier by following the tip above. If you find you are ruminating over how to begin, get some assistance. The sooner you get this system created, the better your sense of self. Let me know how I can help.

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