Introvert cure for Black Friday anxiety – online retreat!

Black Friday tends to create explosive behaviors. Those around us show heightened desires for the material, take opportunity to demonstrate aggression and compete with anything from parking spots to places in line at the checkout counter.

I used to get stressed with shopping. Window-shopping consistently proved I was out of touch with fashion, either because it didn’t fit my style, my body or both. My taste for tailored style always led me to pricey shops with outlandish price tags, even when on sale.

Looking around at other shoppers I saw people getting dressed up to shop and getting better customer service as a result. I go shopping in comfortable foot wear and clothes easy to move around in. I barely get a nod, let alone assistance. Know this feeling? If so, you understand shopper frustration with being compared to others. I’m not there to compete. I may be shopping for someone else, for myself or just to get ideas. I deserve a chance to get what I’m after without having to make a big deal about it.

If you’re like me, you appreciate not having to fight your way through crowds of shoppers. You seek ways to keep your level of stimulation in check and still accomplish the search for treasures that help you give, grow and enjoy life. Sure, you may enjoy people-watching at the malls – I do. I love watching the expressions on peoples’ faces who I can relate to and seeing examples of behavior that are excessive.

But when it comes to exploring gifts and being inspired by new things, introverted me seeks the path of least resistance. I go online to cure my anxiety and accomplish my gifting and inspiration. And I don’t need to wait for Cyber Monday. I can search, discover and make decisions any time I’m in a comfortable space.

I can search for purchases simply by googling them. I can explore the clearance sites and not be judged. In malls I may not know where to go to seek ideas for others, but online I can simply use a few key words and the stores come to me, drastically reducing the time and energy I want to spend while keeping me inspired to follow through.

Feeling anxious about gifting? Break down barriers by going online. It’s amazing how quickly you make decisions when you’re not anxious or frustrated or competing with someone. And you may even discover things that interest you. Cure your anxiety. Retreat to online searches.

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