Introvert Energy Needs

I’ve been keeping to a disciplined schedule of early morning blogging, exercise and then on to my day of appointments/research/marketing, etc. Add to this the evening networking and then reading for research and that brings the “No, not yet!” response when the 4:30 alarm goes off prior to the same schedule that includes an early morning networking breakfast.

All introverts need downtime. Put networking events and face to face meetings in their schedule, you better also insert time for themselves. Yesterday’s schedule left me feeling exhausted by day’s end. However, I know that if I forsake my routine of exercise and writing, my day is not given the boost of energy it needs nor do I feel purposeful in sharing my strengths with the world.

So my discipline of coaching myself into what I need is key. By end of the exercise routine my step will be quick, my mind focused and my attitude ready to roll.

I’ve only 2 outside appointments today – which allows me the alone time to be purposeful in planning, taking a walk outdoors to reconnect with nature and build my energy reserve. In 54 years, I have learned my energy needs and what it takes to be purposeful.

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