Introvert Needs

This morning I gave a 2-hour presentation on Emotional Intelligence, which focuses on understanding our emotional needs, how we acknowledge them, respond to them and apply the same respect to others. The presentation was well-received by the audience, triggered much participation and conversation afterwards. As soon as I could, I left the environment. And this is based on my introvert emotional needs.

Although it’s nice to get the audience feedback and recognition, that doesn’t warrant staying around, in my book. What I prefer, similar to what most introverts prefer, is downtime. Time to reflect, to calm down, to have space and time for centering.

Introverts have needs that support their strengths.

Since their strengths are in analysis, peace-keeping and conscientiousness, introverts need the time and space to exercise them. No matter how well-developed our skill sets are in crossing over into extrovert activities (socializing, task follow-through, or keeping people happy), we still need time to debrief – on our own.

Thus, I took my lunch out to the park and just chilled. After that, my hour of focused time at Starbucks gives me the calm and the spirit to be ready for my next team of clients. Although I have often run from one appointment to the next, when I do so with little time in between my level of competence decreases. I need time to process, review, prepare and debrief. Without this, I feel unprepared, scattered and drained.

Introverts have tremendous strengths and deserve continual support of them. Yet we get in our own way when we compare ourselves to extroverts. We may have the same end in mind, yet tell either one of us to approach it in the others’ specific way and problems happen.

If you are an introvert, get out there and produce results, but take the time you need to plan and to prepare, in the environments that give you the most support.

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