Introverts, Get Up and At’em!

Back when I was teaching and directing HS theatre, I had to emphasize to students during show weeks the need to get up early on Saturdays. 

Often Friday night shows would go well. Students had been up early enough to get to school on time, had their metabolisms engaged and by showtime they were fully alert and ready to go.

But if they slept in on Saturday morning, especially into the afternoon, they were sluggish.

Not only were they enjoying their time off, they were pushing aside their need to be alert, muddying their minds. And this affected the energy of the presentation.

Today is a presentation day for me. Although I’ve been able to sleep in in a few days this week, it won’t serve me well to do so, today.

We introverts tend to second-guess our abilities and preparation for big events, so we can easily fall into routines similar to the lazy teenager. We must focus on getting up and at’em.

For the same reason as my student actors, today I need to get up and at’em – get my mind engaged and my body in gear.

Here is my Up and At’em routine:
1. Arise early.
2. Read over my script.
3. Dig into other engaging material – sales, motivational/faith-based, personal development, industry-related
4. Visualize success at the event.

Now my mind can start doing its work shifting me from anxiety to enthusiasm and giving me the added energy to perform well.

What is your Up and At’em routine?

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  1. I would have to say I’m between inreovtrt and ambivert. Kind of depends on my mood and who I’m with. Sometimes I just want to be in my room with ipod and a good book. Other times when I’m fun as hell (usually with my cousin, mom, and boyfriend) For me it kinda just depends on my mood.

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