#Introverts One on One

Although we tend to think of introverts as lacking social skills, when it comes to one on one relationships, introverts shine. And last night I felt on top of the world because of it!

A coaching client who has been with me for just over a year deserved recognition, so I took him out for dinner at a classy restaurant in Columbus. Through the meal we transitioned from one conversational topic to another, easily, for we have grown to enjoy each other’s company. Ultimately, he asked me, “How can I help you grow your business?”

Perfect. At that point we launched a plan to again meet, review his contacts, and identify those who are isolated and want like-minded individuals to share new perspective for business growth through master mind group members, are using or plan to use public speaking for marketing purposes and want support or want a more involved communication coach. My client’s wheels were spinning on my behalf.

After jotting a few notes down he looked up at me and said, “This next year I will be using you in more ways as well, especially with public speaking.”

One dinner resulted in expanded services and referral support, not because the food was good. It was outstanding, though. It was because this client relationship was based on results, strong rapport and my continued interest showing I value his trust in me. Introverts shine one on one. The more we use this asset, the better.

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  1. This is very encouraging. An introvert does have an opportunity to be social and be very good at it! Thanks.

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