Is Communication Coaching for me?

Most people have no idea what to expect from a communication coaching experience. Some wonder whether it’s for those who are required to speak in front of groups, or whether it’s for leaders, let alone for those who want to improve relationships, focus or a better understanding of themselves.

Consider the following questions and how you may respond to discover whether communication coaching will break down those barriers you want broken down:

1 When you are scheduled to speak to a group, are you at a loss as to how to prepare?

2 Has your speaking fear grown into speaking anxiety no matter what the environment or event is?

3 Is your challenge in how to handle “off-the-cuff” responses?

4 Do you sense that you need to simplify your technical information? Do you want to learn how to edit your material – when everything seems important?

5 Is influencing others, especially key people, your challenge?

6 Do you want to learn how to easily adjust and adapt to feedback?

7 Do you want to be wiser about how you impact people so you can tweak habits accordingly?

8 Do you need to learn how to condense a talk when your time is cut short?

9 Want to learn how to handle tough conversations?

10 Want to manage the voice in your head?

11 Have others asked you to slow down or speak louder?

12 Would you like to be one of those people who walk into any room with presence and confidence?

These are the most common questions clients have that bring them to coaching. If three or more of these relate to you, then you are ready to ask for help, to create a breakthrough for yourself and to generate behaviors that lead to confidence whether in handling tough conversations, presentations, that voice in your head or the relationships around you.

And when you take action around coaching, you are in the top 10% of individuals who actually follow through with what they most desire. Congratulations!

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