Is your confidence stronger today than yesterday?

Mondays we are generally slower and less-disciplined than other work days, for one, because we may have used the weekend for rest. “What is at rest stays at rest”, my in-laws reminded me while I was on vacation with them. So our “at rest” mind and body needs an extra surge to get going again. If we aren’t familiar with consciously creating that surge we wait for it to happen on its own. Mondays we fumble around until our alertness and routine kicks in, so by Tuesday we are generally back into the swing of things and in our groove, ready to accomplish something.

But what about our confidence? Confidence, although in part driven by activity, is also a mental process similar to gearing up for Monday’s work on Sunday evening. The more familiar and routine our ability to tackle how we face challenges we want to be confident for the easier it is to strengthen our resolve.

Start with this – Display your confidence. (Day One, Confidence in 30 Days)

A smile, a look of seriousness, a casual stance, a posture that is erect, even breathing, willingness to take charge, leaning forward? Don’t wait for confidence to happen. Decide the display that works for you, then show it. Create the surge you need. When? Monday morning. Or any morning. During your practice group meeting. As you enter the courtroom. Any time you experience butterflies, anxiety or concern, display confidence and change your outcome.

Do you find yourself dreading, doubting or trying to defer what is difficult? Many of us do. Instead of slouching, resisting, or agonizing, physically pull yourself into the display that works and you will immediately engage two levers – one that motivates you to find what you need to handle the moment and one that inspires others to notice. Both levers engage your “feel good” responses and give you a powerful boost.

Share this display now to learn how this feels. Keep using it. This afternoon, tonight and tomorrow morning. Soon you will find your confidence is growing stronger than it was before.

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