It Pays to Develop Relationship!

Just this week I was provided the great gesture of being introduced to a key contact by someone in my networking community.

Denny, a fellow network member, knows I work with political candidates on their message, delivery, connection and confidence when in front of groups. So as a favor to me, he arranged a meeting between the two of us to introduce me to an influential consultant for political candidates.

To back up, I met Denny at least four months ago at a niche marketing seminar that Michael Daniels, from Outlook Media delivered with one of the Action Coaches in the area. During a break, the two of us struck up a conversation at which time I realized Denny does political consulting.

Once we had coffee, I realized to what degree Denny is connected to the Democratic party and knows those in office and those running. From there he offered his support in getting me involved in helping candidates and suggested I meet a key player in a very successful local consulting firm.

So the day came this week when Denny and I first arrived, awaiting the arrival of our guest. Knowing she was running behind, I had a few choices. I could have learned from Denny more about her and what she’s currently working on or I could continue getting to know Denny.

I chose Denny. He was already going out of his way for me. He had arranged the meeting, planned to show up to make the introduction and had followed through. The least I could do was give him a chance to relax and enjoy the time prior to her arrival, so I asked him about his weekend. I had already discovered from him in our previous meeting that he enjoys getting away with his wife from time to time, taking long weekends when he can.

“Great!”, he said. “It was very low-key. All except for Sunday I had nothing to do. Sunday I had two meetings.”

And just when I was about to seek more information he said, “Oh, that reminds me. I may want your input on one of my candidates.”

“You see this Sunday I met with one of them and I’m wondering what you think of his presentational skills and confidence. Would you be willing to come by on another Sunday to listen to him speak?”

Wow. I didn’t expect that! For what all Denny had so far done for me, of course I am willing to give him some of my time, whether on a Sunday or whenever it works for us. That’s the relationship-building aspect of developing our network. And our willingness to do so, pays off.

Sure the meeting that day went well. Denny had glowing things to report to his friend about me, and what had I done? Accepted his willingness to help me, got to know him in a previous meeting, continued to ask about him and the next thing I know there is enough confidence in me that he is compelled to ask for my expertise, which leads to a very easy sale.

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