It’s the right time

I’ve been rehearsing with a new band, preparing for an upcoming music festival in Toledo Ohio where the focus is on women and the arts. Three of the songs are original works, with one of them called It’s the Right Time – written by the band leader, Lisa Binkowski.

That song focuses on doing the right thing, making a new start and my additional take on that is how we address the people in our lives. Color that thought with the notion that I am in Toledo to work with a new set of folks on teambuilding, a group who in majority are willing to move forward, yet is making very little progress due to the emotions of two key individuals.

I can’t blame them. They are feeling personally attacked. They want respect, understanding and more time to share their thoughts yet the bottom line is, people are tired of the issues between them and want to move on.

That delicate balance, the area between moving forward with sensitivity and staying put to hear one another out, is so individual-sensitive. Similar to a family’s grieving process while mourning the loss of loved one, someone is always ready to move on before others are. So what do we do?

When we aren’t the “instigators” of issues yet are connected or involved in some way, we tend to push. We suggest solutions, hoping they take us up on them, NOW. Our desires become either insistent or passive aggressive. Even when we don’t push, we hope solutions happen quickly, so we don’t have to wonder how to behave.

It’s hard to let go. Yet it’s the right time to do so. Especially when we’ve voiced our support, heard enough to understand the need, and for ourselves, resolved to move forward. It’s time to make a new start – for ourselves.

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  1. I’m an ambivert.At socohl and when I’m with friends, I’m an extrovert I love to talk. I jsut can’t stop myself. Talking is what I’m good at.One day -at 4am- I was at my cousins. I wathed a movie, stayed up late and once it finished I went to bed.My cousin just came back home from a party and wasn’t sleepy. I’d been laying down for about an hour and was almost sleeping and since she wanted to talk, I talked, listened and talked some more even though I was EXHAUSTED!But if I gat to chose between staying home alone or going to a party/going shopping/ going anywhere where there’s a lot of people, I’ll choose staying home. Always. I do not like being among a lot of people, but if I get stuck with it, I make the most of it =)

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