It’s Your Business to Speak

Think of public speakers and immediately extroverted communicators come to mind. They are eager to say what’s on their mind, animated, expressive and energetic – all things that can lend to entertaining speakers. I enjoy the extroverted speakers.

I also want to learn and be enlightened by presenters. Here is where the introvert comes in. Put them on the platform and the audience benefits from their knowledge.

Are you in business? If so, it’s your business to speak. Speaking is the fastest way to create relationship with a large body of people who otherwise would not know you. This is the key to the first step in business – visibility. Today’s business dealings are less about direct mail and written communication and more based on relationship – putting a face to a name.

For attorneys and others in professional services, the tendency is to let written communication lead the way. And that’s fine, if it isn’t the means to the end. While to spead up the process of making trusting and meaningful connections, it’s your business to speak.

Consider public speaking as more than just platform communication:

  • public speaking is speaking up in meetings
  • public speaking is starting and joining conversations while networking
  • public speaking is speaking to small groups

You have something to add to the public speaking realm and while doing so, to your business. It’s Your Business to Speak is a presentation I take to law firms and professional associations to educate and workshop them in these techniques. But to you, understanding it’s your business to speak is realizing it’s time to reframe why you’re well-suited to shift from your head (keeping your conversation to yourself) to external sharing of ideas and strategies.

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