Just the Basics, please

Common courtesy. Do we have time for it? Are we afraid of it? Do we understand it?

Here’s a scenario. Someone has picked up the phone and dialed your number, intending to either speak to you or leave you a message. Purpose? To get a response from you. Or maybe the delivery was through email, or a visit, or a note delivered via the postal service.

In any of the above cases, if the intent is to get a response, the best manner of delivering the message is In Person. Chances are good that the person being visited will be present a. if there is an appointment, b. if you’re visiting their office and/or c. if they suggested you visit. Yet often the person being sought out is unavailable. Now what? Leave word, which puts the ball in their court.

What is common courtesy out of the recipient being visited?
a. If someone calls me and leaves a message, I should return the call, regardless of my feelings about their information. At the least, I should send an email (may be considered a cheap way out) for that is at least a response. Better is to make a connection that allows for an exchange.

b. If the delivery was through email, return the message and respond to any request being asked. Better yet, suggest a time to get together.

c. If there was a postal note delivered wanting specific information in a timely format, either email your response or dial and discuss.

Obviously the individual seeking a connection will determine their willingness to follow-up regardless of our response. But common courtesy on our part goes a long way in shaping our reputation.

These are the basics. Now that I’ve reviewed them, I’ve already increased my To-Do list, for a few items had fallen between the cracks! If the case is the same for you, redeem yourself. These basics go a long way.

Want to enhance your communication? Start with just the basics, please.

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