Keep 2 Hands on the Wheel

I have to admit – I find it easier to drive on the highway when I keep 2 hands on the wheel.

One hand off while handling my cell phone or something else creates a noticeable difference.

  • Either my anxiety level goes up
  • my neck stiffens
  • my foot shifts off the accelerator or
  • mycar’s path shifts

And that’s only the beginning.

When both my hands are on the steering wheel my anxiety drops and my focus improves. Yet why do I still pick up my coffee or check my messages or pull out a cd or even try to eat, while I am driving?

I get distracted. And when this happens, not only does my mind wander. My physical behaviors
follow suit.

Can you relate to driving this way? I hope not. If you can, hopefully you get back on track easier than I do.

The same is the case when I “get behind the wheel” in business. As an entrepreneur, I take the wheel of my business every day.

Some days I take short trips, other days I am in it for a duration. When both hands are on the wheel, I arrive at the end of a business day enthused, proud of my activity.

To keep 2 hands on the business wheel, I must keep two things in mind:

1. Motive – On the one hand, why am I doing this work?

2. Sacrifice – On the other hand, what will it take?

Without motive, I lag behind, allowing distraction to chart my course. Without sacrifice, I either cry victim or give up too easily.

Hopefully at least one hand is on the wheel of my business, yet with only one hand on, I get off course.

When two hands are on, when I am remembering the motivation and what it takes to follow through with it, my business moves forward purposefully. My energy is focused on what is important instead of what distracts me. My behavior follows suit.

I discover it’s easier to make progress when I deliberatly consider the motivation and sacrifice. And folks around me welcome this.

Can you relate?

It’s safe to keep two hands on the wheel while on the road. And it’s healthy for your business to keep two hands on the road through your daily activities.

Here’s to safe driving!

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