Keep the Fire Going

I have spent the past few weeks on the topic of vision with clients. Point being, when we connect to our vision, we remember our motivation. And with motivation, we prioritize and commit to our actions despite the barriers that get in our way.

Having difficulty focusing on your vision right now?

Let’s take 60 seconds to find the hot ashes of your vision. Because those sparked by their vision create a plan. With a plan they weigh what tasks/projects align with it.

So ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. What led you to practice the services you offer?
  2. Recall a time you experienced a “win” with your work. How did you feel?
  3. What did it take for you to accomplish it?
  4. What natural abilities were you able to use?

Now state your vision in a sentence. Find or draw an image of it and keep it in view.

To be motivated by our vision we must keep it in view.

Post it in the most natural place for you – above your desk, on the wall, near your bed. You will know the right place.

Keep the fire going.

keep fire going

Tap into those glowing embers. Warm your soul and stoke the flames. Not every day will  be cozy with your focus on your vision, but you’ll be able to keep the spark alive and do what it takes to light the flame in others if you keep your vision in view.

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