Kids Know What Matters


One of the hardest questions to answer is the most important one to consider when we are selling, influencing and speaking.

When making the short talk to get action, as Dale Carnegie puts it, the final step in the process is to
share the reason.

Kids know this helps them weigh the value of the action. And so do we adults. If we know the value of an action, and we have good reason to influence the action, then we need to share the why.

  • it will help you save money
  • it will save you time
  • it will give you visibility
  • etc.

The above are the most common reasons in the selling world. Find one reason to support your action and drive it home. It only takes one.

The Why needs to be in the speech, in the instruction or in the explanation. You can live up to your intent – influencing – when you answer this hardest-of-all questions. Think of the time you will save in your argument!

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