Lacking Motivation? Training can inspire!

Do you remember why you entered your profession?

If you’re an attorney, you may have had the grand desire to make a difference. And once you entered your practice, you may have learned the difference you want to make is

  • bill more hours
  • make partner
  • live the life you want

Whatever you’re interested in making a difference in, don’t keep this result, grand. Make it happen. Even if it appears overwhelming. It’s as close to happening as the amount of time it takes you to enhance your communication skills.

If you’re like many of us, when the next task seems overwhelming, you get anxious and may even shut down. Some may say, “just do it!”. But just doing it doesn’t change your attitude or your skills. Something else is needed for an attitude change. Someone on the outside.

Have you ever had someone set you on fire? Help you understand yourself better so you get inspired into action? Help you understand others so you know just how to go about “reaching” them? It usually takes someone who knows how to reach you because of their own experiences and willingness to share them with you. Someone who understands what’s important to you and how you think. Someone like this can be a coach, a workshop leader or an educator. Someone like this is a powerful trainer.

Next thing you know, they make skill development seem easy. Once you’re motivated to learn, you engage. And if they’re the trainer that gives you experience, time to practice and time to debrief with you, soon your lack of motivation breaks down. And you’re fired up, ready to get things done.

Find that trainer.

If the task that has you bogged down has to do with managing the voice in your head, or with leading others, or has anything to do with public speaking, you’ve found the trainer. These tasks can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re focusing on past experiences that didn’t go well. You need something new to focus on.

I can help with that.


Individual communication coaching

Presentation coaching

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