Let’s Rehearse!

If you’re like me, you feel anxious when you haven’t had a chance to rehearse before a presentation. Your mind is constantly turning to its presentation page when you hit your pillow. You get up the next day and the alarm bells are going off that there is an issue you’ve not yet focused on.

There it is. It’s time to rehearse.

But who is your audience? You could gather your peers or supervisor into the seats in front of you and talk through – even speak through – your message. Yet, you’ll no doubt claim they have better things to do with their time. So now what? Your significant other? Friends? Will they know what to say about what’s working and what isn’t? Do you trust their sense?

One Hour Presentation Review
Consider setting aside one hour for a third-party review. BDB services lets you select what you will spend that time on – determining content, framework of message, delivery, connection, impact you wish to make. Or if you’d like, just be open to what comes up that will give you improvements and allow you to look forward to the presentation you have coming up.

Small Group Presentation Review
Is your practice group or firm wanting to enrich the power of its existing presenters? Perhaps each of them would appreciate having a resource come to them for a limited block of time. Observe each speaker in 30 – 60 minutes blocks of time, share what’s working, provide tips and let the others observe before they also get coaching. What a great use of half or full day training – individualized focus while enrichment with others’s presentation style!

Let’s rehearse. It’s the number one way to create confidence in what you have to offer – seek the feedback that compliments your particular style.

Contact me for details at merri@bdbcommunication.com

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  1. Greetings.The fear of public sieakpng will never completely go away, so don’t believe those that say it can (and usually if you pay them to show you how). Believe it or not, a speaker with no nervous energy would appear boring. Experienced speakers know that a far better solution than fighting fear is to channel it into the performance. And yes, public sieakpng is a form of performing.Take advantage of having time to prepare for the next sieakpng engagement. Create a simple two or three point version of your speech and do it in front of a video camera. Then watch yourself. Pay attention to what both looks and sounds good, figure out how it can be made better, then try again. This kind of feedback is invaluable. If you can, do the speech in front of friends or family and then ask them what worked and what didn’t. Often what we think looks or sounds a certain way is far different from the perspective of an audience member.Use notes so you don’t feel lost. Prepare your notes using just key or trigger words. *Never write a speech out word for word or try to memorize it. Rather, use the key words to remind you of what to say and then just speak from your heart. Your audience does not know your speech and won’t know you made a mistake unless you tell them. And back your points with stories. They’re easy to retell and audiences love stories gives you instant credibility.Use your voice. Speak loudly but without shouting. Speak louder than you would one on one. This gives you authority and confidence. Don’t rush don’t be afraid to pause and collect your next thought. Pausing actually make you look very confident.Use your eyes. Don’t stare at the ceiling or the floor, and no, don’t try to imagine everyone in their underwear that doesn’t work. Instead, look people in the eye randomly for 3 to 5 seconds. This can take practice. Again, use your family and friends. This technique alone will make you look like a professional speaker.Right beforehand, stretch your mouth and tongue. Warm up your voice by humming from your lowest to your highest a few times. Drink lots of water, but no dairy or sugar. Then breath deep, hold your chin high, and walk to the mic with confidence. When you get there, don’t apologize and don’t say I’m nervous, bear with me or anything like that. Just smile and jump right into it.You’ll be fine. Remember that skills you develop now will help you tremendously in the future. Successful people in all walks of life are good communicators.Google: Divine Knowledge Transfer

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