Level Your Playing Field – Speak

Don’t have the advertising budget others have? You needn’t worry. You have something that levels the playing field.

Solo practitioners often feel pigeonholed into getting only small-scale accounts and clients based on thinking their budgets are far too restrictive. With limited funds come limited reach, they think. Yet some have come to realize  they have at their disposal what others may not anticipate – a speaking presence.

Skip the costly advertising, the bulk mailing campaigns and go straight for the audience experience.

Speaking is the new competitive weapon.

When we give our audiences a chance to hear and see us in action, we give them a chance to test-drive their experience with us.

Level your playing field by creating a strategy to get in front of your best audiences. It works.

It’s the main source of advertising I use. When I am in front of 10 – 15 people, I expect at least 2 people to ask for more.  That’s pretty good numbers for someone who cannot afford to give too much time to networking and marketing. Get in front of a handful of people and you have made great use of your time. Get in front of 40- 50 and you have at least a month to six weeks of follow-up. Get in front of more than that and your speaking activity can bring you a steady pipeline.

Of course your results depend on a number of things, but foremost, it depends on whether you are speaking at all. How to begin?

Create the attitude that you can’t afford NOT to speak. That you deserve to level the playing field. Then see where it takes you. I am a phone call or email away, if you want further pointers.

Yes, you can level the playing field. Public speaking is your marketing weapon of choice.



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