listing to the left…

Yeah, I gotta admit, part of the joy of blogging is finding the appropriate photo to represent the post. And this one is no exception! No, I don’t mean to suggest having presidential duties, but if I don’t make my list, I lose motivation to follow through with my day. Think Obama is the same way? Well….

Some people spend hours creating lists…at day’s end and/or first thing in the morning. The more analytical and orderly the person, the more lists they create. And then they create a list identifying where each list type is found. Sort of a table of contents. That’s a bit much. (smile – out of ability to relate) The more they list, the less likely they will actually complete each, for they’ve wasted so much time creating the list there is no time left to do anything about it!

Yet I have to say, without my list of specific tasks all for a workday’s focus (full of not only names to call but phone numbers specific to each recipient, things intended in the conversation and my specific “asks” per person) I drag my feet prior to getting tasks done. I have to review the weekly goals to remember how my tasks support them. Once done, I fly through my tasks. What a difference knowing how each tasks supports the overall goal!

You’d think I would have gotten so good at this, working in my coaching business for nearly 10 years (and coaching individuals not only in relationship management but in TASK management also) that it all becomes second nature to know what to do next, and I no longer need to create lists for motivation. But that’s not the case. And most folks I know who rely on lists ALSO tend to get away from the routine, lose focus, lose momentum and lose their ability to feel productive at the end of the day.

I wonder how Obama feels at the end of the day? Has he checked anything off his list?

Listing is why post-it notes, scrap pads of paper and task reminders are such a huge part of office supply shops and software office programs. Maybe it’s why I love walking through office supply shops, touching pads of paper, trying out pens and flipping through filing tools. It slows me down, develops that organizing appeal and allows my “service” gene to stretch. Or maybe it’s just another way to make us of good ole’ procrastination.

I’m sure I’ll continue listing. Just as many other, well-intentioned, driven and motivated people will. Whether we list to the left, list to the right, stand up, sit down or fight, fight, fight! I hope you keep doing it, too. Otherwise, you may not call me back, follow through with your promises or save the world on someone else’s behalf.

Just remember to do the work, so you get to check it off your list! Our President has at least checked off one item. 🙂

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