Make Your Thoughts Count

As a friend of mine recently told me, “Your thoughts don’t count unless you share them.”

We introverts are often go-to people, but this cannot happen unless we first prove that we have thoughts worth paying attention to. And to do so, we must get out of our own way. We must speak up. Take a risk. Share our thoughts and opinions.

Any progress in our world worth talking about, came about thanks to introverts. We are folks who take time to think, to reflect, to analyze and not just to DO. We are those responsible for change, for scientific discovery, for invention that has shaped progress.

We are the nobel winners, the musicians and entertainers. We are those who created systems and explored unprecedented territories. Until and unless the world hears from its introverts, we continue to DO, DO, DO, with little time for silence, let alone thought.

Yet for as many thinkers that we have, little change is made. Why? Fear of taking a risk. Well there is only one person who can make a difference in this dismal result – each of us introverts, one at a time.

It behooves us to stand up, speak up, and then sit down for more reflection.

Stand up. Let your purposeful thought-focused activity of reflection and analysis become visible.

Then speak up. Share your wisdom, your thoughts and opinions.

Then sit down. Receive feedback. Observe your impact. Reconsider alterations needed.

We introverts need our silent time. But we also need to make sense to those around us, so the more we can stand up and speak up, the more purposeful our time spent on thinking.

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