Merri’s Tips – Part 1

Thanks to Frank Ramos’ blog on what he has learned in life, I will also be putting out a few remarks about my own experiences, as it translates into tips for the reader.

1. If you haven’t decided what you want to be yet when you grow up, start paying attention to what revves you up. If something really makes you frustrated or angry, like social causes or issues, volunteer for the appropriate non-profit group to learn more about what it involves. If you’ve had an emotional experience about life circumstances, move into action around it. Public speakers and entrepreneurs get their start this way. Otherwise, life will be based on what happens to you vs. what you do about what happens.

2. When you can’t seem to stay on top of things, commit to planning. Daily routines that allow for us to take the time to think – about our value, our talents, our priorities, our promises – give us what we need to get on top of things and stay there. Without time to think, focus gets skewed. Doing is great. Thinking allows our doing to be even better. Commit to thinking.

3. When you don’t know, but want to know, ask. Too much time is wasted trying to “figure things out” on our own. Although some personal research is valuable, it’s best to discover information through conversation with others. We can uncover what isn’t being said through questions that dig deeper. We can observe reactions and emotions through non-verbals and get a richer experience. The time it takes to have meaningful conversations that help us find out what we need to know is worth it.

4. Take an interest in people unlike you. Whether they are unlike you in economic, educational or cultural experience, you will find out at least 2 things – how they are similar and how they are different. You will find motivation, intrigue and new understanding with their perspective.

5. Read. Whether to better yourself, to learn, or to drift away for awhile, try reading at least a book a month. It will take you places you hadn’t considered before. What a great way to have pleasant surprises in how people think, behave, create and explore.

6. You will be the richer for acting on tips 4 and 5. The only things that change who we are will be the books we read and the people we meet. Who/what are your biggest influences?

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