Merri’s Tips – Part 2

7. If you’re a solo business owner, create a structure for daily affirmations. We all appreciate and/or thrive on recognition, let alone praise. Working solo means we aren’t regularly around folks put in the position to give us this. Create it. Write out affirmations daily. (My talents and ideas earn me $___ per month)  Fill in the blank. With a structure like this, our focus goes to what we’re good at, blessed in, or wanting to accomplish. This keeps us motivated into action. Face it – solo business owners need motivation!

8. Pay attention to your gut. Not that you need to watch your weight – or maybe you do. Paying attention to your gut means to trust your instincts. They usually indicate caution or opportunity. Even when you can’t pinpoint the logic, pay attention to it.

Going with our gut is hardest when we are put in a position to explain our actions. Prepare yourself with a simple plan. You could find yourself saying to someone, “I’m not sure why I’m feeling the need to wait before making this decision. Let me think on it.” or “Something I can’t put my finger on is troubling me.” or “I can’t explain this right now, yet I feel the need to move forward.”

Guts are measures of our stress.

9. Inconsistency is part of our nature.  If we get frustrated by other peoples’ tardiness, we often find we also show up just at the last – or beyond – the last minute. It is not by chance we are in the professions we are in. Something about it is what we need. Accept that you are inconsistent and you’ll be easier on others who demonstrate this.

10. If you sell services, put your picture on your business card. This isn’t a sign of vanity – instead see it as a form of access to you. When people see your face on your card they remember you much more often. If you face is on an ad, all the better. Bring access to your business referral community and your prospects. And make sure the photo shows how you want to be perceived.

11. When your alarm goes off, be thankful you’re still alive! Instead of dreading the start of the day, consider the alternative – the lost opportunity. Get up and get connected to your spirit, your purpose and your relationships. That will awaken you and give you something to smile about.

12. As your week ends, look ahead at the number of appts you have scheduled into your next week. 5 appointments for the business builder is minimum. This allows you to attend networking events, to give presentations, to have follow-up appointments, to meet with your business partners and associates it is best to stay in touch with. For the business builder looking to pick up their pace, schedule 6-10 appointments weekly. Once you know which range to focus on, call/email/visit people daily to keep the appointments scheduled ahead. Before you leave the appointment, ask who your appointee would recommend you meet with next. Then take the steps to put them into your calendar.

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