Merri’s Tips – Part 3

13. Thinking doesn’t replace doing. Although thinking is hugely important, deciding is moreso. Better yet is acting on the decision. Action is what makes thinking powerful.

14. If you have questions, ask them.  Take advantage of time spent with peers, trainers, coaches, supervisors and mentors. Any moment can be a teachable moment for someone needing to inform us. Help them get that opportunity.

15. If there is tension in the room, work through it. Tense moments, themselves, are teachable moments. Avoid shutting down or ignoring it. Instead, put on your curiousity cap and discover what’s going on.

16. Thank people for their time. Like the widow with the mite, sometimes it’s all they have to give and they chose to give it to/spend it with you.

17. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been handed, it matters what you do with it. Slaps, encouragement, detentions and extra credit all have the power to motivate.

18. If a cat crawls onto your lap while you’re trying to use your laptop, take a break from your work. It doesn’t take much to get a cat to purr. Laptops never respond that way. Rub the cat’s ear, snuggle or refill the food dish. It’s time well-spent.

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