Merri’s Tips – Part 4

19. Take the edge off. Learn what works best for you – a cold beer, a shot of something stiffer, a good laugh, a massage, or just getting up and walking away. Telling yourself you can handle it without that just makes you edgier. We all need to take the edge off. Otherwise we treat others or ourselves in regretful ways.

20. Know what is worth saying YES to. Once we identify what is worth making a commitment to, we can then say NO to other things that get in the way.

21. Don’t take things personally. But understand that others will. Especially kids. And kids who never grew up.

22. Track what you spend money on. Notice credit card receipts, checks written and take a week to track the cash purchases you make. This shows behavior patterns you may find worth adjusting. What we spend money tends to be what we value. What does this tell you? What does it tell you that you aren’t spending money on other types of things?

23. Balance high tech with high touch. The more you rely on technology you could be ignoring or insulting relationships who don’t. They are also worthwhile relationships to you – usually family, sometimes clients, often work relationships. Spend as much time and energy on being present with those you are with as you do on any technology toy. Only then will we really be communicating effectively.

24. Understand the rule of thirds. One third of those in your company will be demoted, move away or get fired. Another third will stay where they are. The third third moves ahead. Yes, it’s that simple. Without training, coaching or other measures of accountability, the rule of thirds takes control.

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