Merri’s Tips – Part 5

30. Make Monday a really good day. Get going early, focused on the priorities for the day vs. your email or social media accounts. The results you bring in on Monday set the tone for the week. So get a jump on things right away, feel good about your results, and drive the same discipline and focus toward the rest of the week. I know attorneys put in countless hours, often in thankless ways. We all feel it worse on Mondays unless we consciously make the effort to turn it around. In summary, don’t let Monday get a bad name.      
31. Shape your attitude. Anyone can feel the duldrums, have a bad day or get rejection. Respond  remembering you still have so many things MOST people don’t have. (and maybe even more so than your clients) Could be your health, your quality relationships, your basic needs and even your good name. Your results are based on yourself, not anyone else. Same is true with your attitude. You are already doing really good work for people who can’t do it for themselves.Drive your attitude to be hopeful, curious and humble.
32. Do what needs to be done. Imagine you have only 3 minutes before your maker “poofs” you away. Based on your actions, you will be given more time. Do what needs to be done. Make the phone call, give the apology, cut the grass and/or fold the laundry. Just do it. Then you have something to celebrate.
33. Say thank you. Your mother, your kindergarten teacher, and countless others had it right when they taught you this priceless treasure. Saying thank you only goes out of style when it isn’t sincere. Think about saying it, say it and then smile or touch those you are thanking. You will be remembered and those you thank will keep doing what you just thanked them for.
What other communication tips, especially for the attorney world, (talking to ourselves or others, or even public speaking) do you have?

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