Merri’s Tips – Part 6

36. Confirm appointments the day before. How often have you been stood up, where at the wrong location or didn’t know the location of your pre-arranged appointment? It’s a waste of time. Progress and relationships with clients or others take a hit. It’s worth the energy to confirm in advance.

37. Carry extra material to read or review when attending appointments. Those days your joiner gets delayed you will welcome the chance to pick up the book you’ve been reading, review the material for your next appointment or take notes you didn’t take the time to write down from your last phone call. This is a welcome way to wait in traffic, stand in line at the coffee shop, etc.

38. On the contrary, stay open to being present to your surroundings. If you’re at a restaurant awaiting the arrival of your joiner, don’t always keep your head buried. You’ll be able to greet and converse with those you know in your community, whether personal or professional relationships. You will appear accessible vs. wanting to not be disturbed. Staying accessible is the key to us in professional services.

39. When you look in the mirror in the morning, find something to smile about. Practice smiling to yourself and notice the impact it makes on you. Without a doubt it makes a similar impact on those you are with through the day.

40. Recall the good of the day at day’s end. If you don’t have a practice of reviewing your day with someone, start it. Or simply journal about it. Reviewing the good you have done and the good others have done for you gives you insight and motivation toward how well you are serving your mission.

41. Articulate your mission aloud, each morning. If you don’t remember or haven’t defined your personal/professional mission, nobody else will get it, either. With a focus on what you believe you’re all about, you will act in alignment with that mission and learn what is worth saying Yes to and what you should say No to. This behavior is one of the biggest communicators about who you are.

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