Merri’s Tips – Part 7

43. Create SMART goals. You’re a business owner, I presume, so identify goals that will help you build business. If they are SMART, they are specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and timely. Only then can you assess your progress and stay accountable to what you say you’re going to do.

44. Constantly reach out to folks you already know in your industry and your network. Staying top of mind is tough unless you have good experiences with people. Make coffee dates, go for a walk around the building, do what it takes to stay in front of 8-10 or more folks each week.

45. Consider how many phone calls/emails you will make per day as you reach out. For the next 20 business days, stick to the plan. Then go for another month. Soon you’ll be 2/3 into a quarter and see the need to track your results up until the end. Now you have a routine to make use of regularly, whether you need more business or not. We can always use good relationships.

46. Take the time to remind your appointees of the upcoming appointment. Life is crazy – people miss appointments all the time, and it’s not about you. If you can’t remind them the day before, get an assistant who has the time to do so. You’ll still get some no-shows. But now it will happen seldom.

Your intrapersonal communication is what shapes the attitude you have about being responsible, working hard and following through. Your interpersonal communication is the more obvious way you relate to people you’re with. Your public speaking shows up, whether you’re speaking to a group or not. It can happen when you’re around strangers as well.

Those who invest in their communication skills and public speaking gain the most from their professional experiences, see the most success and demonstrate the most value. Reach out to find a coach or accountability partner as you develop these skills.

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