Mission Possible

As my readers know, I’ve written about ways to celebrate the introvert over the past several weeks. I understand their struggles with extroverted behaviors, especially as attorneys and other service professionals who need to develop strong client and network relationships. I am also an introvert. And I have a mission to help introverts share their strengths with the world.

It may not be surprising that introverts tend to hold themselves back. One of the ways we introverts do this is in not asking for help. We spend lots of time thinking, analyzing, and trying to create peace, all of which lead us to shy away from bothering others with our needs. Yet due to our one on one relationship strengths we are well-equipped to not only gain benefits from asking for help, we also stand to recognize the value of others’ wisdom and experiences by seeking their perspective and abilities.

When we introverts are affirmed in our thinking and/or confident in our abilities we better communicate with those around us. Our strengths surface. We listen well, we interject occassional ideas, we create calm in appropriate measure and our world responds well to us. Getting to this point is important.

As a speaking and communication coach I focus on helping those who hold themselves back, for we were all given a voice, and there are no excuses for not finding it. My methods of helping are through presentation coaching, master mind group facilitation (where 7 or fewer professionals meet monthly to hold discussions on business successes and challenges- asking for help) and self management coaching.

With a mission of helping introverts share their strengths with their world (speak with confidence, share their perspective and experiences and demonstrate their quiet leadership) I now see the mission is possible. More introverts are rethinking their temperament as being an asset rather than a failure. They are sharing their voice with their peers in department and practice group meetings, demonstrating confidence with their ideas and decisions, speaking from the platform to educate, train and inspire.

There are still individuals who hear my helping the introvert speak with confidence focus and laugh while saying, “good luck with that!”. They don’t know how possible this mission really is.

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