Nail the Message

Without a well-prepared message, we lose what it is we’re saying. And so does our audience. With one that is prepared, tested and familiar, we nail the focus of the moment.

If you want to nail the focus of the moment, review what the best messages have in common.

The best messages have some general things in common:
1. They are focused. The speaker stays on track with a clear intention, well-explained details and although not predictable, logical conclusion.
2. They are understandable. The language used is common to the audienced and is significant to their circumstances.
3. They are meaningful. Not only is the information logical, it connects emotionally (perhaps shares consequences, benefits, hopes, etc.) This gives it value.
4. They are insightful. Messages stand out when the information is shared from an uncommon yet relevant perspective.
5. They are fresh. With the number of “experts” on so many topics of interest, it isn’t easy to come up with fresh material unless you stay on top of your subject area, surround yourself with good resources and are willing to share.

Repeating what is already familiar, or sharing what is not understandable is a mark of unplanned and thoughtless effort. Messages with this result are quickly tuned out.

Nail the message and you get an audience who wants a relationship with you, who is appreciative of your effort and who sees your value.

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