Need help? Consider these 2 things.

Many of us need help, whether we are ready to admit it or not. And although we realize this need, what we often forget are the few things that follow.

The world will not end if we ASK for help

Quite the opposite. Until then, we were no doubt trapped in a spot that appeared to be a deadend. Simply because we thought we had to go through our circumstances alone, or we feared others’ reaction or we thought we had nobody to turn to. Funny, that’s often when someone enters our life.


The world BEGINS when we ask for help. When we ask for help, we enter a conversation that allows us to shape our need, to commit to it and to get perspective as a result. The listener’s response may lead nowhere, yet even that gives us a chance to learn something more of ourselves, to shift our focus or to reconsider our need. Other times it gives us motivation. All these conclusions help our world begin again.

Asking for help is easier when we are willing to respond to others in need.

People in service industries may think lastly of themselves and asking for help. (Seems like just the opposite of the above, doesn’t it?) They become the support for so many others they forget about supporting and caring for themselves. Caretakers, parents, those in clinical care and the social work profession all struggle with asking for help.  But so do those in professional services, right? These folks put in long days to meet with clients, to support their practice group leaders, to assist with multiple cases and find it difficult saying “no”.

However, all the above can see the value of responding to someone’s need. (At least until they are overwhelmed.) The hurdle all the above struggle with getting over is understanding their own limitations or boundaries – even when the boundary is they take themselves too seriously because they cannot say no. At these times – when our boundaries are pushed, we are at our limit or we just cannot think something through – cannot see the forest for the trees – asking for help is a sign of faith in those around us. Just like others had in us when they asked for our help.

A quick review of the value of helping people becomes a reminder that others are motivated to help us (because we are so quick to help them) and they will get intrinsic satisfaction from helping us (perhaps we commonly get this, too).

A few tips

Need help? Give it.

Not sure how to ask for it? Notice what others say when they come to you and you are motivated to assist.


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