Need to repurpose your time and energy?

Maybe you have taken old tires and turned them into swings, bottle caps into table top designs or old t-shirts into a coverlet. Repurposing our material goods puts a spark of energy into our lives and helps us turn junk into treasures. See picture below of a ladder repurposed from

I think that’s pretty awesome!

If we can repurpose goods, we can also repurpose how we focus our time and energy.

Ever felt you were being asked to do more than you could handle? I know I’m not the only one, yet I have had days like that in the past few months. An entrepreneur, I have been working hard on business development and customer care and have lately needed to shift attention to the health of loved ones.

Ironically, what has helped my peace of mind is when I shrink my time on task by giving more time to loved ones. So what I thought was going to be a drain on my business has turned into a boost, simply because I have adjusted my attention to priorities while relaxing into the focus.

Repurposing time and energy doesn’t happen out of logic. Often it happens because the universe pulls our attention to circumstances outside of our control. Like in my case.

But if we pause to consider how things are going in our lives, we can avoid the drastic circumstances.

How do we know it’s time for a meaningful pause?

  • we lack motivation in our existing circumstances
  • we look for outside activities to make us feel better
  • we feel our gifts/skills have been left along the wayside

If any of these above are true of your circumstances, you can avoid drastic matters by taking initiative in repurposing your time and energy.

  • consider your assets, and how to use them more often during the day-to-day tasks
  • pay attention to loved ones
  • reconnect with those around you who give you positive energy
  • remember your best self and what it takes to become it

I was surprised at how shifting my energy and a portion of my week over to loved ones actually renewed my relationships and motivated my concentrated time and energy on task, creating even better results overall.

As a result, I was rewarded. Eventhough all I was really doing was getting back to being my best self, I learned I had fallen into habits that held this back. I had created junk, when what I wanted was treasure.

 When I began paying attention to others, I actually shifted from negative self-criticism to positive results.

Perhaps I am the only one who needs to learn this lesson, but probably not. We all fall into habitual patterns that leave us desperate, unmotivated or just plain burned out. If this is you, perhaps repurposing your time and energy will give you a boost.

If so, you may be reminded of your gifts, your desire to make a difference and your sense of self. I have.


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2 Responses to Need to repurpose your time and energy?
  1. Hi Merri, I enjoyed the article. Here’s my question. I agree that getting back your best self requires that pause or break. But I find that I jump right back into the madness again. I’m good at making lists and staying on task. But terrible at prioritizing. Somedays I think I spend 12 hours checking off boxes on a list that are entirely inconsequential. Thoughts? Wait… was that even a question?

    • Hi Preston, if this is Preston.
      In response to maintaining priorities along with the pause, what happens when you spend a few moments discerning your key priorities? Once determined, consider how much of your time you wish to spend in each of them (10% of week writing, 20% researching, etc.), then consider what your current time spent is.

      Make the effort to pause weekly to assess progress while finding ways to defer or delegate the extra.
      Does this sound applicable?

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