Night of Peace

I so enjoy peace.

A creature bent towards contemplation, I refuel when lights are low, candles are burning, soft music is playing and I can put my thoughts in order.

Night skies with great expanse calm my mind. In 1992 I spent 8 weeks in the Catskills with the National Shakespeare Conservatory, studying theatre classics, physical discipline and focus. The days were packed with intense mental, intellectual and emotional stretching. We were in an isolated setting, yet with four to a cabin there was no quiet space even during quiet time. That’s when I sought out the mountains’ trails, small villages nearby and quiet coves. In the evenings, the owls, the lighter traffic and the small town glows always brought me back to home.

That’s how I released my angst. An introvert, I can be sociable, friendly and nice, yet especially back then, I was passive aggressive and needed release. The performance arts helped me release tension on stage, paving the way for even more practical application in everyday life – creating healthy release of tension, refueling my energies and staying focused on what’s important.

Fast-forwarding ahead 17 years and several maturity levels, I cherish the peace most when in the evening. And the best night of peace is Sunday.

Evening quickly covers the sky in the Eastern timezone and with winter edging in, warm light and red wine are staples that add extra glow. This is how my spirit smiles.

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