Nothing Connects Like Humanity

For as perfect as we try to be, as superhuman and results-based our intentions, nothing connects people to us like being real.

Many days I have positive energy, am willing to jump to assist and appreciate the same in others. I don’t do well around people who are constantly complaining and not taking initiative for themselves. Yet today, Friday, I am hit with low, wimpy energy, probably because I am getting a cold or the flu. So, I am not at my best.

I read a Facebook post from my niece this morning that said, “Your life is not that great so stop acting like it is.” The comments came flooding in. My first thought was, Wow. How often we put on our “game face”, pretending to have it all together, and then we wonder why people cannot relate to us.

The perfect person is not in touch. Are we trying to connect with people? Then we need to get in touch. And the first place to start is with ourselves.

I have been putting more into my days lately, adding personal responsibilities to my professional ones, and it is creeping up on me. Thank goodness the weekend is here. People keep checking in on me because they know I will soon hit my limit. Yep, they are right. I am definitely not a superhero.

As I write this, I recall the times my spirit has been pulled toward role models who share their vulnerabilities. Whether a minister willing to cry, an executive open to getting constructive feedback, or a professional speaker asking for help. Today, it’s me saying I may not be available this afternoon.

These are ways that we say we aren’t perfect. Imperfection invites stronger connections from those around us because people can relate. It helps us be real.

Next time someone asks, “How are you?” Take a moment to be real. Soon I hope to be back on track, full of good energy and focused activity. But right now I must be real. I’m going to find some flu medicine, get under a blanket and take a nap.


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