Now for the Don’ts of the Marketing Game Plan

Yesterday I shared the value of picking up a copy of this paperback or hardbound copy of Nancy Ancowitz’s extremely resourceful book. If you think you COULD be an introvert (dislike mingling at networking events, would rather not give a presentation, prefer to stay at your desk for lunch, etc.) this is a great resource for those of you needing to originate business.

Yesterday’s post, The Introverts’ Marketing Game Plan: The Do’s , lays out 5 useful tips for the introvert to do for self-promotion. They make sense for the introvert.

Today is Nancy Ancowitz’s concise list of what NOT to do.

Don’ts for you marketing game plan – if you’re an introvert.

1. Don’t schedule events back to back
2. Don’t compare yourself to the extrovert
3. Don’t get down on yourself for not having as much energy as others for social interaction.
4. Don’t put yourself in situations that require you to speak impromptu.
5. Don’t give up (on your marketing efforts.)

Do pick up a copy of self-promotion for introverts. An enjoyable and informative read that will motivate you to try business development in new ways. Want some specific guidance? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Now for the Don’ts of the Marketing Game Plan
  1. I’m an introvert. One of the thgins I hated the most was network while I was attending business school. When hundreds of my classmates were trying to kiss up with a corporate recruiter, I feel I was completely out of place.However, what I learned was that I didn’t need to do the same thing others were doing. Instead of attending of the corporate presentations and network with the recruiters, I’d look for creative ways to meet them one-on-one. I participated in several student clubs. And, I tried to use my affiliation with the clubs to initiate contacts with company representatives. And my focus is to offer my help e.g. give them tips on how to recruit effectively, help set up booth at school job fair, answering their questions. A lot of introvert folks are sincere and sensitive. We should our strength as we expand our network.

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