On the Introvert Wish List part 2

Yesterday was part 1 of On the Introvert Wish List, focusing on giving them time to think. Today I’ll address what’s to me the second most important item on that wish list – the chance to get away.

Retreat is a coveted desire of introverts.

Yesterday I met with a lady in my business network who is a self-described introvert. She shared her need of a vacation, saying this year’s vacation was not satisfying – she was tied to work much too often.

“What’s the kind of vacation that works for you?” I asked.

“Oh, a few friends of mine get together in Chicago and spend the entire week going to art shows, museums, parks and just get away from it all.” I could see her passion all over her features as she leaned forward, her eyes were huge and her voice emphasized the need to get away from it all.

My friend’s view of retreat is yearly. Yet I know others who need it more often. Long weekend getaways, or free days spent in movie theatres, bookshops and the park. Myself, I enjoy wondering along the river, book in my backpack and a few snacks. I can hang out to people watch, to watch the geese, stare up at the sky and roll over to pore into my book.

Want to give your beloved introvert a gift? Encourage them to take off on their own to visit a space that gets them away from it all. Let them know you don’t need to accompany them and certainly advise them to keep their cell phone or other technology at home. They desire being unplugged and disconnected. Let them.

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