Open for Business? Prove it by Doing This.

Ever show up at work thinking you’ll just stay at your desk doing passive tasks (research, writing, planning, etc.) and then realize you actually have to show up as though you are OPEN for business?

I just returned from a 10-day vacation and thought I had the whole day today to transition back into business. You know, filter through inbox messages, line up priorities, plan my marketing and blogging for the week and do administrative activities we business owners without assistants have to do.

And then I saw an appointment on my calendar for this afternoon. Suddenly I realized not only do I have to mentally plan for business, I need to more effectively plan for my day. I first said aloud, “Oh, no. This appointment is today, not tomorrow!” while thinking, what happened to my day at my desk?

Funny. It’s Tuesday, a day I’m usually out with clients and my network, yet I hadn’t planned for it because of my recent days off. Instead, I treated it like a non-work day until discovering that yes, I am actually open for business.

Can you relate?

For us introverts, that realization is an energy shift that has us go from point A to point B at a different pace. Point A is low-key energy while focusing on things that fuel us (professional development, research, checking off our task list, writing, etc.). Point B is high-level energy that requires us to trust ourselves to connect well with others (review self value, plan for the appropriate communication, and in general, get it together).

Typically, I do my low-key work on Mondays and Fridays, my high-level energy work Tuesdays – Thursdays, so I at least have a system of knowing what to expect out of myself and a strategy for accomplishing it. But since yesterday was Monday, still a vacation day, I forgot to mentally plan for high-energy on this first day back.

While your high-energy times may not cover the same timeline as mine, if you’re an introvert, it’s best to have a system in place for bringing yourself to show up for business. It helps us introverts feel valuable, purpose-driven and also able to refuel with necessary planning and low-key tasks as a buffer for the times we need to be more passive.

Here are some tips on how to be an introvert and still OPEN FOR BUSINESS

1. Schedule regular planning time that allows you to get pumped up and motivated before you need to physically show up.

2. Schedule consistent time with co-workers/network/referral sources. Whether you’re in charge of creating business or get it referred to you, your practice requires you to show up ready to serve. Schedule time to reconnect to prove you operate behind an “open” sign.

3. Assess your use of time. There are times we need to make better use of our time. We may need more insightful or creative energy from those around us some days, which means reaching out and being more active or even allowing for the interruption of others. Not only our schedules but our minds should allow for this.

We may need to take another day or hour or evening to plan and dig deep with meaningful passive work. We can’t predict everything. Sometimes we are best “in the zone”, staying with our focus until we feel good about showing up for work again.

Now that I’ve jumped into my small tasks for the morning, I am inspired and eager to be open for business while getting out there this afternoon. Time’s short (especially for me this week!) and it’s rather selfish of me to squander it.

Let’s mentally hang out our sign – open for business.

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