Passion. Rigor. Purpose.

We’re sitting here watching the movie Julie Julia and it dawns on me so many of us don’t have what it takes.

Or maybe it’s just me.

There are days rigor is left by the wayside. By this I mean, the gym is skipped, planning is put aside and flexibility – when it’s convenient – becomes the focus.

Managing self, that necessary ingredient to focusing on what’s important, the key to not letting things get out of hand and putting the best light on the situation, begins with routine. Like setting the alarm for the same time daily, and getting up with it. Scooping the cat litter twice at regular times. Creating a system for putting the laundry through, ironing, polishing the shoes and routinely checking for cat hair on your clothes before leaving home.

Better yet, establishing routine, even rigor, with following through on small tasks leads us to accomplishing things that will make us proud. Especially the important things regarding family, values, career.

What ways do you establish and follow through on routines that support what is important to you? Let me know, really, because I need more insight into this. Part of my career focus is in helping individuals, professionals, create the boundaries that are important to them and break down those that hold them back.

I am very passionate about this. At the end of the day, when we have followed through on those things so important to us, we feel as though we exist.

It is a struggle, no question about it. Yet the energy that goes into anything of importance comes out the other end in multiples through our own feeling of accomplishment, through the recognition and support of others and through any other product that comes as a result.

Rent the movie Julie and Julia. Better yet, define your passion. From there your rigor and resolve will carry you into defining the importance of your struggle compared to the result.

Send me your insight. Really.

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