Plan B or not Plan B?

Much of my life I’ve been advised to have an alternative plan in mind, just in case. Just in case my first plan was really a bad one. Just in case my first plan never materialized, was not accepted, had no merit.

For instance, there was a time theatre really sang in my spirit~ as much out of a form of expression for my introverted nature as a means to gain confidence and feel valued. Yet, who makes a living in theatre? Not the introverts, I was told. Those willing to go where a career on stage made money. Those willing to persist, to do what it takes. Those who had money already. Plan B needed to come into play – no pun intended.

Plan B had tedium, left me feeling out of sorts, didn’t hold my attention. Plan B included teaching English, and when students chose it – speech, drama or the communicative arts. While teaching, at least 80% of my classroom time was on Plan B.

Clearly I had no faith in what stirred my spirit. Had I the faith, I would have created a way to make Plan A work. Had I faith, I would have listened to the still small voice within, met the challenges, sacrificed, picked myself up after falling again and again and gone back after Plan A until Plan A worked.

To be, or not to be–that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them.

I’m not retired, nor am I teaching anymore. Yes, I had many great experiences with teaching, met many fascinating people. Yet my spirit wasn’t in it. So when I left education, I sought ways to experience the stage, to relive the spirit of fully expressing where my soul is. Presentations I give today come from my spirit, in an effort to reach out to others’ spirits. Today my coaching is poised to help others discover Plan A. Desire it. Decide on it. Commit to it, knowing full well that Plans B are only distractions. They waste our time and deflate our purpose.

I’ve not yet read Ann Lamott’s book on Plan B – although critics claim it isn’t as good as Traveling Mercies, it’s her point about faith that stands out to me. For as I see it, without faith we keep adjusting our sails to more logical plans. With faith, we persist. We move mountains in our way. We break down barriers and enlist the spirits of others.

I propose eradicating all Plans B. They are safe. They are not purposeful. They weaken our nature, make us focus on negativity, spoil our resolve and keep us from living.

I propose we eradicate all Plans B. To B or not to B – if that’s the question, my answer is NOT. Stick with plan A no matter how difficult and enjoy living while seeing it through. If you love Plan A, you’ll even love dying for it.

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