Planning is good. Preparing and Practicing are Better!

How often have we made planning a part of our personal or professional practices? I’m guessing it’s pretty common.

Many business coaches help owners and executives shape their plans. All this is crucial for focused success. Structure is better than constantly being “in-the-moment” with getting things accomplished. Yet having a plan doesn’t equal execution. Nor does it equal successful execution.

In theatre, plans are handed out in the form of scripts. Each script supplies critical elements: who says what, when key activity interrupts the dialogue, where the scene takes place. However, most theatrical performances take 4-8 weeks of daily rehearsal to move from being given a script to showcasing a performance. Why? It takes preparation and practice for all individuals to go from script to full understanding while demonstrating the ability to work together to achieve the final outcome.

Two months is a long time for those who want immediate results, yet it’s time that quickly escapes if there isn’t a design for helping individuals manage themselves, influence others and speak with confidence.

Breaking Down Barriers takes intangible PLANS and helps individuals PREPARE for Being and Doing what it takes to accomplish them. Whether we work with them weekly or twice monthly, we help individuals identify the behavior patterns that have typically held them back from accomplishing what they want and how to break down those behavior patterns. In 3 – 6 months we help them identify habits they can PRACTICE to begin reaching their planned goals. Practice takes time and is crucial. Whether a public speaker working out delivery, poise and projection, or whether a leader framing a tough conversation, practice helps the individual solidify the experience.

Wise clients choose to skip working with coaches who only help them plan. Clients deserve the additional help in preparing and practicing so they can actually GET the results they want.

BDB becomes a part of the PRACTICE, guiding individuals to see impact their behaviors make and helping these individuals tweak behaviors and habits to create the impact they intend. Whether in helping them manage themselves or lead others, BDB provides a thorough 6 – 12 month approach of walking with clients to PLAN, PREPARE and PRACTICE what it takes to speak with confidence.

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