Positively dripping!

At least twice this week I was caught in moments when time stood still.

Just a few hours ago was the most recent, and because of that it finally dawned on me I need to reflect on this. I need to find out what’s going on, plan to get more of it and put these moments to use!

Here’s what happened:
Each moment when time stood still I fell into useful sites (blogs, videos, tweets) that echoed strategies or tips or ideas I’ve been churning around in my head. Yes – it’s the truth.

One has to do with blogging to get business. Not about writing about it, but about positioning oneself in key ways with content (free and very useful to readers) that adds huge value and repeat traffic. About generating mailing lists within the blog template. (this one I need help with – can’t figure out how to synch this with Blogspot) And also about developing relationships with readers individually to lead to future business.

Over the past few weeks I keep looking at my Blog following (20) and realize it’s a pretty small following for what I invest in to write. What to do about this….that has been my dilemma. Now I’m offered a strategy and didn’t hear myself ask for it! That made time stand still.

Another time I fell into a networking member’s website after getting an invitation to spend the day with them. To explore more of what type of work they do before I spend time with them, I went searching at their website. Once on the site I opened a link that led me directly to a presentation my friend both video- and audio- recorded. I was very interested because it was about effectively communicating complex information. That has been a new client need – effectively communicating complex messages.

What I saw demonstrated is similar information I extol in general terms. Yet their work took it steps further with specific examples that made my mind positively drip full of ideas! Now I can turn this approach into useful coaching for the new client as well as for other audiences, both general and specific.

Immediately I pulled out one of my Staples legal pads and started translating the concepts shared into practical examples I can use to any audience I present to. Incredible! It’s the format and approach I’ve been needing. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it, yet once I saw it my mind couldn’t stop! It was almost 5pm and yet I kept at it, not even thinking of Beer:30 until a good hour later.

In cases like this, when the stream of applications to my business is endless, I’m not trying to wrap up my day, nor nosing through the cupboards and refridgerator looking for a worthy distraction. No – I’m engaged.

I must interject right now what led me to each of these fantastic mind bridges. I was searching. Discovery is such a healthy, natural activity for us, that when we allow ourselves to discover, we are bound to find useful, fun, relevant material that we sink our brains into. We allow ourselves to attract that which we need.

And I have been needing new fodder for creative ideas. I’ve been looking for ways to upgrade my tools and coaching strategies, my methods of getting OUT THERE. So I began by scanning topics put out there on the web (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other mediums). This is time well-spent.

Once I am in moments like these described, I furiously write to take notes, to apply to my circumstances. I write out onto my action lists enough info to engage me later, so I continue bringing myself back to the notes and ideas until I’ve applied them into my routine. That follow through is important. I’m a slow and steady gal who gets tapped out if I try to complete the task all at once. Knowing that my mind was dripping, I disciplined myself to follow up in small bits.

My lesson is learned. For instance, I am scheduling regular discovery sessions throughout my week. Exploration takes time, takes discipline and also is enjoyable. So why not plan for it? That’s the lesson I learned. Plan to explore. It’s refueling. My mind is positively dripping with ideas!

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