Productive Networking Comes from Connecting

As with technology, when two business networking sources connect, power is unleashed.
Nothing tells this more readily than my networking meetings today.

A Columbus LinkedIn connection agreed to have coffee with me after I reached out by saying simply, “Hey, we’re both in the LinkedIn GETDOT group and I don’t think we’ve met. Want to?”

Being a relationship-driven guy, my contact agreed, invited me to join him at the Columbus Athletic Club and we had breakfast. I asked him how LinkedIn is working for him, had him share how he uses social media in general, and the next thing I knew he asked me about my business for a very special purpose. He was intrigued by the study of presentation techniques. Being a seasoned attorney, he is now paying attention to how to tweak his skills to win more cases and better support his clients.

As a result, he is introducing me to his professional peer group who all are looking to grow in areas I can help with!

Again at lunch today, another network acquaintance and I started discussing upcoming summer activities, then after I asked him to talk about his accomplishments for a bit, I was able to seek some guidance from him on a target market of mine whereupon he eventually invited me to write articles for the LinkedIn group he manages. Bingo -another successful meeting!

Finding the connection with people is key. And it’s not as hard as it may appear. It includes observing the communication style they use and catering to it. Whether they are introvert or extrovert, people or task focused, connecting well is all about forgetting yourself and appreciating them for who they are.

For tips on the 4 communication styles, click on above title for a new blog link. Want some guidance in connecting while networking? Let me know 🙂

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