Progress starts today

As a speaking and communication coach, I regularly see progress in others, understanding that even more progress happens when they focus on making it happen. And as a human being, an introvert and an entrepreneur, I need to coach myself on progress regularly, otherwise it’s easy to fall back into barrier patterns.

Can you relate?

If so, then you also understand progress happens today, if you value it and choose to do something about it.

I have been slowly re-entering the work world after a fabulous week-long vacation in Cape Cod – days full of no alarm clock, swimming with seals, whale-watching, seafood dinners, laughing with friends and evening campfires.

Just a short break from work week rituals has driven me into a lazy, care-free approach to life. Until I had a coaching call with a client, I had forgotten the rigors of and liberation of discipline. I was reminded of the power of progress, especially when we measure it.

I could say, well, I will get better at responding to my alarm clock tomorrow. But really, today is the time for me to make progress. Today I will send my email invoices. Today I will write my outline for an upcoming presentation/seminar. Today I will schedule 5 appointments.

My body and mind are back at work, in my home office, so I can make another adventure happen.




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